Video Color Correction and Audio Filtering

That’s not supposed to be a red dress!

Time and environmental conditions can degrade the video quality of film reels and VHS tapes. Professional VCRs and Time Based Correctors (TBCs) do help us make the most of digitizing a tape. But we go one step further in transferring your home movie films and video tapes to DVD or Blu-ray. We don’t digitize straight to disc.

Why? We’re so glad you asked!

There are two very important reasons why our process of transferring VHS and camcorder tapes to DVD is higher quality than most studios.

First, because we first transfer tapes to digital file, we can do all editing, restoration, enhancement, titling, etc on high quality, uncompressed digital files. This also lets us create beautiful, navigable, custom DVD menus. It is only when your video is just right that it goes onto DVD.

Second, since the video is fully digital before it is compressed to DVD format, the software can analyze the entire video and allocate more data to scenes that need it. So your DVD will look it’s best.


Video and Audio Restoration