Video Tape to DVD


Video Tape Formats

Time and environmental conditions deteriorate VHS and camcorder tapes. But simply transferring VHS to DVD can preserve unwanted artifacts, such as tape hiss, color deterioration, blank frames, and the poor playback of consumer-level VCRs. Don’t subject your precious memories to a mediocre process.

Because Multimedia Memories specializes in custom work, we have a two-step process for converting video tapes to DVD or Blu-ray disc. First, we capture the video to a high quality uncompressed digital file. After any desired editing is done, we write the completed video to disc.

 Advantages of our Videotape to DVD process:

  • Editing is done prior to the video being compressed to DVD format. Many straight-transfer companies will tell you that you can edit the video off the DVD. And you can. But it is rather like making a copy of a copy of a copy. You WILL lose quality.
  • If you prefer to do the editing yourself, we are happy to provide you with raw, high quality digital video files. No need to figure out how to rip a file off a DVD! We can even convert the file to your choice of format.
  • If you are not sure what's on the video, we can alert you to surprises or potential problems that you might like corrected before it goes to disc.
  • Even if you're sure you won't want the video itself edited, our two-step process allows for the creation of a personalized DVD. Imagine a DVD menu with your title and pictures, a navigable menu with photo thumbnails or even video thumbnails pointing to meaningful chapter points.
  • Because this is our standard process, we don't charge the high fees other studios do for capturing to digital file.

Preserve and update your wedding and home movie tapes to high-quality DVD, Blu-ray, or digital file with Multimedia Memories’ custom service.

Video Tape Formats:

We digitize VHS, s-VHS, VHS-c, s-VHS-c, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, and miniDV (standard definition).