Vacations Live On

Chances are you brought back more than memories and a tan from your recent vacation. You probably brought back lots of images of that special trip or time together as a family.

Taking pictures and video clips is a great way for those special memories to live on. And the best way to bring those memories to life is with an easy to watch, and easy to share, DVD with a dynamic moving montage of your images.

Best of all, just by hitting “Play” you can return to the relaxation, inspiration, & fun of vacation whenever you want. Let the kids enjoy a past trip taken when they were too young to remember. Feel the sun on your face when you’re cuddled inside during a snowstorm. See all their smiling faces any time you want after they’ve left for college.

So, whether your favorite vacation was a destination tour, an island paradise, camping in the woods, or even a stay-cation, there’s a story to tell. And telling stories is what Multimedia Memories is all about.