Un-Stuck Between the Snuggles and the Quiet

“Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time”


In Kurt Vonnegut’s novel, the protagonist doesn’t live his life in chronological order, but instead moves about in time to experience different parts of his life. When I read the novel in high school, I thought it was, in a word, weird. But when I was home with three kids under the age of five, I changed my mind. Being unstuck in time was a marvelous idea!

What I wouldn’t have given then to trade forward one noisy day of diapers and musical toys for one quiet day of empty-nester-ness. To trade the lunch of Happy Meals and Playplaces for a mature date night. I was sure my future self would likewise be thrilled to trade the quiet for a day of little hugs and snuggles.

Well, I’m no empty-nester yet, just somewhere between the snuggles and the quiet. And while I do still occasionally find myself wishing I could make that trade, I now imagine trading back in time.

Watching home movies is the next best thing to becoming unstuck in time. The clips of momentous events and everyday life certainly draws me back in. But something amazing happens when I pop in a DVD to watch with my not-so-little-ones. They kind of become… just a little bit… snuggly.

So, if you’re feeling stuck or missing your snuggles, give Multimedia Memories a call. We’ll bring your memories to life!