Top Ten List

The top 10 reasons to call Multimedia Memories this fall:

10. Your ten-year-old doesn’t know what he looked like as a baby.

9. You want to prove to your grandkids that you once had hair.

8. Where’s the power cord to the old camcorder?

9. Grandma’s not going to do the chicken dance again.

8. 250 wedding guests holding100 digital cameras and 60 camcorders, now what?

7. How do I play these tapes?

6. Be the envy of your friends — Instead of a Christmas card with one picture, send them a photo montage on disc or post it online!

5. You know you don’t want to spend your vacation scanning pictures.

4. Your memories don’t belong in a box.

3. The 11th anniversary of her 29th birthday only happens once!

2. You’ll remember what it was like to be a newlywed.

1. We’ll make you look goooooood.

Send us your own reason & we might just name next month’s special after it.