Thankful for Memories

Some moments are just more memorable than others. They stick with us, coming to mind without conscious effort. They haunt us with the lingering sense of delights past.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of sharing such a moment with family and new friends. Though nothing life-altering nor even remarkable in circumstance, it was sheer joy — a bliss arising from nothing more complex than the mix of personalities.

And I barely touched the camera.

There are times for remembering and times for making memories. But when all is said and done, I’m glad I have one picture to cherish. Because as vivid as the memories itself may be, when we arouse our senses, we can feel like we’re right there all over again.

So make memories and enjoy the moments, but don’t neglect to spend a little time behind, and in front of, the camera. As time passes and memories begin to dim, you’ll be glad you did.

Then bring those treasured images to Multimedia Memories. We’ll tell the story behund those pictures with music, motion, and a style befitting the mood. We’ll bring those memories back to life.

And to Jorge, Ludwig, Frosty & Frodo – if you visit us again, I promise not to burn the bacon.