Local Service Provider

Are you looking for a memorial video for a funeral? A tribute video for a graduation open house? It can be challenging to find providers of niche services like small video editing projects. Websites that offer to connect people with service providers sound great, but they don’t often work very well.

Being a small, local business, it’s tempting to rely on these types of websites. I can list Multimedia Memories as service provider with party planning websites. On other sites, I can sign up to receive quote requests from people looking for video editing or DVD duplication services. Unfortunately, those sites can be a bit of a mirage. They hold out the promise of matching people in need of a service with local service providers, but they can really just get in the way.

So, in the interest of making it easier for people looking for creative video services to find local providers such as Multimedia Memories, permit me to describe myself in internet search friendly terms.

I work out of a home studio in Carmel, Indiana, and I love my job. I get to do creative work highlighting important moments in peoples lives. Sometimes it’s sad, such a funeral video. In fact, my very first job was for a funeral, a simple VHS to DVD transfer of a small portion of the video tape. Often it’s happy. Last spring I had a series of anniversary videos. I edited the multi-camera wedding video for a 5th anniversary, did original graphic design for a 10th anniversary DVD, restored a grainy VHS 20th anniversary video and transferred the crisp & clean video to DVD, created a slideshow for a 25th anniversary present, and pulled out all the stops for a 50th anniversary animated photo slideshow with lots of motion graphics. I was clearly missing a 15th anniversary project, though. 🙁

People have lots of reasons for coming to Multimedia Memories. An anniversary party or a graduation party or a milestone birthday party. Weddings and funerals. Cheering up dad in a nursing home by scanning all his old slides. Curiosity as to what is on that film reel. And just wanting to get all those pictures or video into digital.

It’s a privilege to be part of life’s milestone events. Thanks for letting me share in them!