Realtor Promo

Realtor or Real Estate Business Promo

Are your a realtor looking to promote your business? Show prospective clients you care about their unique real estate needs with this sweet & sentimental appeal to home buying. This After Effects project is a flat animated commercial featuring a young couple envisioning their life through the years as homeowners as they consider a house for sale.

The animation tells a story, a narrative that is both nostalgic and sentimental. This commercial will have a universal appeal to viewers. Its message is that the realtor or real estate company takes a personal interest in their clients and looks out for their needs. It’s happy in mood and tone, making home buying seem like a fun adventure rather than a big scary purchase.

The project ends with an information section to highlight your services, company motto, bullet points, your picture, logo, website, etc. Nearly every color is easily customizable. Make the project uniquely yours by changing the colors of the characters and elements in the animated story or the information section.

This ad could also be used to specifically target first time home buyers, young families, suburbanites, advertise starter homes, family friendly neighborhoods and communities etc. In addition to real estate professionals and their web designers, it could also be useful for home builders, insurance, brokers, bankers, construction, cities and municipalities, or any subject where an appeal to stages of life is appropriate. It would also make a sweet new home greeting card.

Contact us to customize this project for you, or download After Effects (CS5 and above) project file via our Videohive page.


A note for After Effects editors using this project: Characters are all drawn in profile. While some animations are done on the character’s shape layers (facial expressions, pregnant belly) or keyframing the layers directly (the dog), most of the animation is done via character rigs. The characters were rigged using the plugin DUIK 15, (a free plugin available here.)