Professional yet Personalized Organization for Digital Transfers

Ah, spring. It’s a time of year full of anticipation. Anxious to enjoy all the promises of lovely weather, we make a few preparations: spreading the mulch, tuning up the bike, and, for a lucky few, setting up the hammock.

It’s also a great time to dust off those old memories and convert them into shiny new DVDs. But don’t you want more than just transferring to digital format? DVDs and Blu-ray discs offer the promise of easy viewing through menus and scene selections. Raw footage can be edited to tell a story. And still pictures can come to life in motion slideshows. It’s digital equivalent of some beautiful landscaping.

But perhaps it seems a little overwhelming. A box of slides of who-knows-what, tapes you haven’t played in years, film reels of long forgotten events. Perhaps it seems an insurmountable task to get it all organized, ordered and cataloged.

Sure you want them to look great on DVD, but it shouldn’t be work, right?


That’s our philosophy here at Multimedia Memories. We specialize in not just transferring your media memories to DVD, but in organizing them and transforming them into something easy and fun to watch. With meaningful chapter markers and a navigable DVD menu, you can find a specific event, your favorite scene, and that season-winning game.

So, before you say, “I really need to take care of that” one more time, bring us that box of disorganized tapes, the hard drive full of files with cryptic names such as DSC00345, or any mystery memories. We’ll work our magic.*

It’s like “Spring Cleaning”, but without the work.

*Multimedia Memories assumes no responsibily for fashions of the 1970s or hair styles of the 1980s.