Great Video for Social Media Marketing

In Online Marketing, Video is Worth 30,000 Words

What will yours say?

Incorporating a promo video in a social media marketing campaign is a wonderful tool for conveying your message.  If a picture is worth 1000 words, video (at 30 fps) is worth 30,000 words. Every. Second.  But that is video’s potential, not its promise.  Video can say a lot. But good video says it well.

Video grabs the audience’s attention.  But good video maintains that attention with humor, by arousing emotions, or with an entertaining story.  If the viewer is sufficiently engaged, she will share it. And your audience grows.

Nonetheless, even attention-getting video doesn’t equal conversions and sales.  Video might get your social media post noticed. Good video gets your promo shared. But great video can make potential clients in your audience become actual clients. And that is the real goal of a successful marketing plan.

A great video for online marketing tells a story, and everything about the video should be unified for that purpose. It incorporates music, animation, tone, and style in supporting roles to the starring story and message. While the animation is art, at its best it is a humble art.

(Now all humility aside…  😉 ) Speaking of great video, check out our latest….

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