Humor in Promotional Video

Goal Oriented Humor in Promotional Video

Animated promotional videos are a great way to get a message out, and a little humor helps make it memorable.  But fundamentally, all the animation, graphics and humor should serve the goal of the promo video, not distract from it. How many times have we all vividly remembered a funny commercial, but didn’t remember what it was advertising? That might be successful entertainment, but it’s not successful advertising. To be truly successful, a promo video should make the message the priority, and always align with all client goals. When humor works best, it serves to make the client (or their product/ message) memorable.

At Multimedia Memories, we love humor. We love animation. And we love telling stories. But our priority will always be the goals of the client: Message. Time. Budget.

Promo for Church Women’s Retreat

Here is an example of a recent animated video we created for a church women’s group to promote their upcoming women’s retreat. Their message was one of unity, with a retreat theme of “Many Faces, One Body.” Given the group’s theme, script, and overall message as our starting point, we created this animation with a minimalist design. We focused on faces: many faces with relate-able identities.  We featured both sins and blessings mentioned in the retreat’s planned scripture verses. We used graphics and animation with a goal of making the sins just as relate-able as as other identities, thereby convicting without shaming and creating a welcoming tone. Keeping the backgrounds simple to non-existent draws the viewers eyes to the faces, making the subtle expressions and gestures the center of focus and drawing appropriate laughs. This also allowed this project to have a quick turnaround.

This project involved brainstorming with clients, adapting our skills to suit the desired vision for the project, and having a whole lot of fun. We thoroughly enjoyed making this one, and we hope you enjoy watching it.

Graphics and animations were created by us at Multimedia Memories. Music is available from audioblocks.

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