Having Fun with Special Touches

One of the things we enjoy most at Multimedia Memories is designing something unique and creative. While we have serious computing power and software at our disposal, they are just the tools. Or, if your like us, they’re more like toys.

Recently, we’ve designed a 3-D pop-up Christmas Card as a DVD menu. We’ve created motion slideshows with reflections, animated magazine page flips and pop-up photo books. We’ve made pictures of the cheerleading squad do backflips and cartwheels. And using a photograph of a basketball hoop, we’ve even animated the net stretching as the ball went through. Our designs can be understated and elegant when appropriate, or full-trottle, and of course, everything in between.

We could say more, but right now we’re busy working on animating flying text that lands on football field splattering “mud” on the camera.

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