Where are Your Films, Tapes, and Slides?

There has been an eclectic assortment of boxes and bags full of films, tapes, and slides that has arrived at Multimedia Memories’ studio for scanning, archiving, restoration, and transfer.

A leather wrapped slide-tray box was quite impressive. Shopping bags, shoe boxes, and large cardboard boxes are very common. A laundry basket overfull of VHS and camcorder tapes kept us busy creating nearly 100 DVDs with custom navigable menus and motion graphics. And a box claiming it held a turkey, but was actually full of silent film reels, recently left our office in the company of two new DVDs. We are currently scanning slides of Disneyland’s opening day, cleverly disguised in a box that, a generation ago, held BBQ corn chips.

Wherever your precious memories have been stored, they don’t deserve to be packed away and forgotten. Let us convert your VHS to DVD, your images to digital, and all your media to movie magic. Bring them to us for transfer to digital files, DVD, or Blu-ray today!