Custom Work

It’s what we do best, and why we’re different.

Our speciality is everything that transforms your photo and video into something new and special, as opposed to just a transfer to a different format.

We love creating a product that is special and unique for your treasured memories.

Our favorite service is a photo slideshow & video montage. This custom work does not follow a formula and, as a result, is as difficult to quantitatively measure as are your memories. While it involves a great deal of technology, it is art. It is created just for you, and, to our knowledge, is unlike anything our competition does.

But custom work isn’t just for a slideshow. We can transform video tapes, too. Whether it’s something as simple as scene-based chapter markers (you’ll want them) or cutting out the times you left the camcorder recording on the coffee table (trust, us, you did), or the ten minutes your kids recorded cartoons over your home movies (sure, blame the kids), we think you will want more than just a straight transfer to DVD.

That’s why we love what we do.