Corporate Thanksgiving Greeting

We love doing freelance animation, and animated greetings for corporations and businesses are always fun.

Here is a recent example of a custom Thanksgiving web video greeting we did for WK Dickson, an engineering consulting firm. WK Dickson has a corporate image of combining the green and the grey, being environmentally friendly as they plan infrastructure. The client requested a custom Thanksgiving greeting that involved the traditional thanksgiving cast of characters: Pilgrims, Native Americans, and a Turkey. Their theme was gathering, and the message was one of thanking their employees, partners and clients. The tone was to be funny without being cheesy. The video should incorporate rural, suburban and urban scenes, reflecting the companies geographically diverse services, and have a sense that this was a custom project reflecting the business and culture of WK Dickson

The project started coming together by finding the right song to set the tone. “Amazing” has lyrics that describe the world around us that was perfectly suited for a message of thanksgiving, appreciation, being good stewards of the environment, and building some amazing things.

We enjoyed creating this project, and hope you enjoy watching it.