Childhood in a Box

For Mother’s Day, I was blessed to receive three handmade cards from my children. Of course, each captured their creator’s personality perfectly, but one was particularly sweet. My son let me know, albeit with silly humor, that the ways I care for him are greatly appreciated.

It’s good to be appreciated, to know that the time and efforts we take for family and friends don’t go unnoticed.

Recently, a client brought me boxes full of movies – film reels and tapes in a variety of formats. Some organized, many not. His father had spent many hours behind a movie camera. Yet many more hours must have been spent putting those film reels in order, squinting at images a mere 8 mm wide to decipher their contents, then splicing them together to create longer movies. Oh, the time that must have taken!

“That’s my childhood,” said the son. “My childhood is in that box.”

Is your childhood in a box? This year, consider showing your appreciation for those who devoted themselves to capturing memories. Honor their labor of love by updating to a Multimedia Memories custom DVD.

Your memories, brought to life!