Archiving, Preservation & Storage, Oh My!

Welcome to the digital age, where digital still and video cameras have completely changed the way we capture memories. With no film costs, no developing fees, and no prints to buy, it’s easier than ever to click and record away.

In high definition and high resolution, we can snap every smile, capture every coo, and digitize to our delight.

And then…..

We fill up our hard drives with the many gigabytes of our precious memories.

We can take care to archive these treasures by renaming and sorting the digital files, and we might preserve and protect them with automatic backup services.

But then….

It’s still the digital age’s equivalent of a shoebox full of slides in the attic.

A carefully labeled shoebox, I grant you.

Because the real value in our pictures and videos is not in their mere existence, no matter how carefully kept. It is in the enjoyment we receive from viewing them — and most especially when our loved ones view them together.

That’s why I love what we do at Multimedia Memories. We make your memories as fun as they are easy to watch.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Don’t let your pictures remain silent. Call Multimedia Memories today!