Film to DVD

Film Reel Scanning

We use the latest technologies for scanning film reels, where the film is first cleaned and then scanned frame by frame in high definition to a computer file. This results in a sharper transfer that is 100% flicker free. In addition, the film is lit edge to edge with LEDs, not a hot light bulb that can burn film.

Film ReelBy comparison, most companies offering film to DVD service still use the old method of projecting the film and re-filming it with a modern video camera onto video tape. Then, they transfer the video tape to DVD. Their results are, at best, softer in focus with a brighter center that gets darker toward the edges. At worst, they have noticeable flickering, incorrect speeds and very uneven lighting.

Why aren't most transfer companies using the better technology? Since it's a little more expensive, they figure you won't be aware of the big quality difference you're missing, but you will notice the small savings in your pocket. Since most people haven't seen their film in years, it's not a bad business model. But it's not mine.

I've seen the difference between frame by frame HD scanning and projection re-filming. It's a level of quality for film transfer I'm proud to offer.

Editing and Restoration

After scanning, the now digital video can be edited and restored in a way that is perfect for your needs. Don't know what's on those unlabeled reels of film? That mystery footage can now be previewed and put in proper sequence. We can correct most color, graininess, and even camera shake. Titles, background music, navigable disc menus and popular requests. And full color disc printing in coordinated packing is a specialty of ours, and makes for very nice professional and gift-worthy keepsakes.